There are rock legends and then there are rock gods… Jeff Scott Soto & Jason Bieler are neither of those. Smoldering sensuality, millions of albums sold, countless packed stadium tours… these are all things they have never been burdened by. They have always been focused on the critics and maintaining their credibility.

In a strange twist of fate they are almost universally despised by the critics as well as former bandmates, and readily admit they are willing to sell out whenever the opportunity arises or suits them. 

Jeff Scott Soto, current and former vocalist for artists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sons of Apollo, Art of Anarchy and Talisman, and Jason Bieler, known as the guitarist (and occasionally lead singer) of Saigon Kick, one of the rock world’s most underrated and overlooked bands have joined together to perform an oddly entertaining acoustic show that features music from across their careers, along with non-sensical banter, interpretive dance and the occasional cover tune.  

For those movie buffs, Jeff Scott Soto was the voice of Bobby Beers in the movie Rockstar. Bobby was the original singer for Steel Dragon in the movie before Mark Wahlberg joined the band. Jeff Scott Soto sings on multiple songs on the Rockstar soundtrack including Stand Up and Shout.