Nilonga logo, yellow on colored background with palm trees

The hottest Latin band in the Pacific Northwest, Milonga focuses mainly on roots & dance styles from all Latin countries around the globe while deftly displaying their ability to blend in elements of rock, funk, jazz & hip-hop. The band’s lineup of musician’s spans several different genres and doesn’t disappoint during their upbeat live performances. 

Influences come from all over the place. You might hear something that sounds like Buena Vista Social Club break into Led Zeppelin or Earth, Wind & Fire. Or you might hear a Tex-Mex accordion driven cumbia emerge from a Latin hip hop groove, you just never know what you are going to get during a Milonga performance. One thing is for certain, the music of Milonga will get you on your feet dancing with a smile on your face. In a world of salsa bands, Milonga is the whole enchilada!