Sarah Moon Band

Sarah Moon, Portland-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist, is a force to be reckoned
with. Charismatic, riveting, and commanding, she brings a unique blend of influences to
her music. While paying respectful homage to legends like Etta James and Chris
Cornell, as well as classic rock and old-school blues, Sarah’s voice and style are
unmistakably her own.

Sarah’s third album, “Cut & Run,” is a testament to her versatility and passion. Produced
by #1 Billboard charting San Francisco-based producer Jaimeson Durr, who has worked
with artists like Sammy Hagar, Nancy Wilson, Train, and members of The Grateful Dead,
the album weaves together sonic textures of blues, rock, and pop. Alongside Sarah’s
dynamic vocals and guitar playing, the record features contributions from her writing
partner and guitarist Brandon Cook.

The Sarah Moon band bursts forth with classic rock energy. From the opening drums to
the rush of guitars, there’s a retro vibe reminiscent of legendary rock bands. The melody
punctuates Sarah’s vocals, creating an irresistible blend of power and emotion. It’s a
stunning opening salvo that sets the tone for the entire show.

Her backing band of powerhouse musicians includes; Brandon Cook (Black N Blue, The
Loyal Order), Tim Deq (Black Powder County), Ryan Moore (Shoot to Thrill, The Nowhere
Band, Kristi Evans), Jon-Michael Farley (Appetite for Deception, Shoot to Thrill, Jukebox
Heroes), Kim Smoltz (Drop Dead Legs, The Bad Habits).

Whether she’s belting out bluesy notes or rocking out with raw intensity, Sarah Moon
leaves an indelible mark on the music scene. Keep an eye out for her upcoming show
dates in 2024 as she takes her captivating sound to stages across the Northwest United
States and Canada.