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Absolutely no driving or parking on the fairways. This will be closely monitored.

Campground opens at 4:00 PM on Thursday, October 3rd.

Camping prices include ALL nights of the festival.

Campsites in Zones A & B are numbered and you can reserve a specific site upon purchase. Campsites in Zone C are first come, first serve. When you arrive, your Camp Manager will assign you to a site. These campsites fill back to front. If you want to camp with friends, please arrive together.

The sites are 20′ wide x 40′ deep in size. There will be a lot of open grass space for tents, canopies and other setups at each site that borders a fairway.

Tent camping and other setups are allowed on the fairways.

RVs or any other vehicles are NOT allowed on the fairways. Your entire camp must be within the 20′ x 40′ campsite. You are not allowed to park in the roadway or block the fire lane access.

Tent only campsites are for tents only due to parking space limitations (1 vehicle).

RV camping will be on the sides of the fairways and between fairways (1 vehicle). 

RV campsites may also include tents/canopies on the fairways. Only 1 RV (Trailer, Camper, Motorhome) per site. Extra vehicles need to buy a 1 day or 3 day parking pass and moved to the day parking area.

A limited number of handicap sites are available.

Potable Water will be available in the campground.

A limited number of showers will be available in the campground.

Security will be monitoring all campsite areas throughout the festival.


  • If you are bringing furniture, carpeting or other large items, take it back home with you. Pack it in – Pack it out. We don’t want your broken canopies and busted up chairs. If your site is left a mess, it may impact your ability to camp in future years.
  • This festival is on a golf course. Please be respectful of the grounds. Do not dig holes or damage the grass, trees or other areas. Stay out of the pond!
  • Absolutely no trespassing on the fenced off golf green areas. If you are caught on the greens, your wristband will be removed, and you will be escorted off the premises. 
  • All camping areas will generally be flat. Bring blocking/leveling for RVs.
  • No open wood or charcoal fires or fire pits allowed.
  • Fully contained gas grills and gas fire pits are allowed.
  • No glass bottles allowed anywhere in the campground.
  • Leave your guns and other weapons at home.
  • No pets allowed unless they are certified service animals and must never be left at the campsite alone.
  • 1:00 am quiet time will be strictly enforced. Please respect your neighbors and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • No running generators all night (Must be turned off by 1:00 am).
  • No PAs or loud stereo systems allowed.
  • Each campsite will be given garbage bags upon entry. Please use them and set them at the edge of the roadway for pickup. Additional bags available at the ticketing booth. Also, please use garbage receptacles placed throughout the grounds.
  • City of Umatilla is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lock up your valuables or leave them at home. Do not leave your alcohol out in the open.
  • No ATVs, golf carts, side by sides, etc. are to be used anywhere on the premises.
  • Please leave your vehicle at your campsite unless you are leaving the concert grounds (No cruising the campground).
  • Please help us keep the campground and concert grounds clean and RECYCLE!
  • In Oregon, it is illegal to smoke or consume cannabis in public view or public places. Examples of public places where consumption in the premises is prohibited include bars, restaurants, clubs, parks, sport fields, and also stores that sell cannabis. Individuals who violate Oregon marijuana limitations will be charged with a class B violation offense which attracts a $1,000 fine.

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